Site 3: The Presidential Palace in Herodes Attikou Street

The Presidential Palace in Athens, is an amazing three-story symmetrical, neoclassical mansion that designed by the German architect Ernst Ziller. Ziller became the Official Court Architect under King George I and designed an estimated 700 buildings all over Greece for both official and private use.

What you will see

How it was constructed

The decision to construct the building was taken in 1868 when King George's son, Constantine, was born and the Greek state decided to present him with a private dwelling, when he came of age. Building began in 1891 and was completed six years later in 1897.

Its history

On Christmas Eve 1909 a fire destroyed a large part of the Royal Palace (today the Hellenic Parliament), with the result that the Crown Prince's Palace was used temporarily as the residence of the royal family. After the assassination of George I in 1913 and the accession of Constantine to the throne, the Palace finally became the royal residence.

The end of monarchy

The use of the building as a Palace was interrupted in 1924 when the monarchy was overthrown and a Republic was declared. It was then used as the Presidential Mansion until 1935 when the monarchy was restored and the King returned. The building served as the Kings Palace, until the abolition of the monarchy by referendum in 1974.

Herodes Attikou Street, where the Presidentail Palace is located, is not only one of the most beautiful roads in the city, it is also bound up with the political and social life of Greece, since also situated there is the Maximou Mansion, the Prime Minister official office.

Open to the public

Since the mid 1970's, the President holds a reception on the 24th of July every year. This is to commemorate the restoration of democracy in 1974 and the political, military and academic leadership of the country, as well as representatives of the Press, of all sectors of the economy and many Bodies and Organizations are invited.

The Presidential Palace, as many other famous structures in Greece, buildings of historical significance, are hubs of tourism in Greece. They are there to reveal the course and diversity of the civilization that was, to every visitor.
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